Subject: UFO Sighting Reports
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on Wednesday, May 7, 1997 at 20:15:26
Name: Raul Escovedo
Location: San Francisco,ca
Date: 01/20/97
Time: 8.35 am

Sighting: Sitting in Aerostar van with friend listening to early morning jazz radio. When I noticed a spec of light on the upper left hand side of windshield both my friend and I focused on this object as it was moving upwards grabbed my binoculars and lost it for a second and refocused on object and had a good look traveling straight up till it was out of view. This area of the bay is where all the airplnes cross the bay into the runway of SF international airport. We were left with a strange feeling that to this day I cannot get over it. I know alot of people are skeptical about this issue but man I know what I saw that day and it was no airplne or wheather balloon. This oject was the shape of a large kiss candy bright silver, it kind of looked like the UFO's they have been spotting in Mexico City.

Thanks Raul Escovedo 05/07/97

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