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Subject: UFO Sighting Reports

Below is the result of your feedback form.  
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on Sunday, March 22, 1998 at 11:28:26

location: renton wa.
date: 1994
time: 5:00 am
sighting: I was driving to work in the 
dark in winter down the Benson Hwy. 
going north in the Cascade Vista area. 
I had my window down partially and out 
of the corner of my eye I saw what at
first I thought was an airliner going 
down into the valley in the same general 
direction I was heading so I had a pretty 
good look at it. This falling object was 
round and geenish blue in color and 
falling at aproximently 100 mph,it had an 
aura around it almost like flame licking 
off of it but very short. It fell until 
out of my sight heading the same general 
direction of my work place and when I got 
to work I asked people at work if they 
had seen this or heard about it. To my 
suprise no one had heard or seen anything.
I listened to the radio all day and only 
heard a few remarks from DJ's about any 
body seeing this thing so eventually I
just kind of accepted the explenation that 
it was meteorite falling. A year and a half 
later there was a simular sighting on Hwy. 
90 around North Bend and the media made a
big deal out of it.
 As I'm writing this I remember that when 
I first saw it it was heading in the same 
general dir. I was and when it it finally 
disappeared I was looking at its tailend 
and Benson Hwy. goes in a straight line 
in this area so it would seem that my 
object actually changed direction and it 
was falling way to slow for a meteor.
 I can't swear that this thing appeared 
to be in control by but this was falling 
way to slow, it changed direction and 
finally disappeared, whether it just 
disappeared or it traveled so far that it 
finally left my sight I'm not sure because 
I was doing 45 MPH and and trying to look 
at it and not kill myself in the process 
with the traffic and all.

{UFO Sightings in New Mexico and the World}