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Subject: Submitted UFO Sighting Report
LOCATION : Ridgecrest Calif.
DATE : Oct.4,1994
TIME : 8:54

This is your Submitted Sighting Report :
I was out Jogging at the local High School track
when I had just finished running 2 miles and was
laying back on the bleachers preparing to do sit
ups when a voice came to me and stated "You are
about to see something".I can not tell you who it
was but I percieved it to be the voice of God.
Anyway as I was lying there seconds later I saw a
disc shaped object about 100 ft. fly above me
glowing red on its lower side.It seemed to be about
30 ft. in diameter and was traveling at approx. 100
miles per hour.It came from the direction of the
county fairgrounds which was well lighted that nite
due to set up of booths and rides.It seemed to be
headed to the airfeild to check out the runway lights
which where on that nite also.The high school is in
between the two areas.As it headed out to the runway
area it turned white at a 45 degre angle moved slightly
to the left and then bolted in a curved to upward
fashion then straight up within a seconds time frame at
the opposite direction.It was like it had to counter
balance itself to move at a high rate of speed.I would
like to emphazise the color change as it accelerated to
"light speed" also.This was so close that I was
extremely alarmed for about two hours.My best guess is
that they where checking out the lights on the ground.
I went directly home that nite and told those in my
family what I had seen.It was the next Sunday(that
being Tuesday) that my son Dan decided to go to the
track with me and check out my story.Well we had been
there at the track 5 minutes when we were scanning the
sky above us and I said"I bet they hang out there with
there lights on pretending to be stars". I do not know
what made me say that but as I looked down to the
ground to begin my run my son stated"Dad that star just
took off and started moving".I looked up just in time
to see it begin accelerating slowly and then faster and
faster until it was gone in the southern direction.We
had both seen the same thing.We continued to run when 9
laps later there appeared a brite light above the
college like it had landed itself on the hilltop just
south of where we were running by about 5 miles.We also
both saw this.It remained there about ten minutes then
the light went out.I thought at first it had been an
armada of 4 wheel drives with KC lites turned on having
a college party but my mind told me that it was too
brite for even that.Anyway this is two of the 19
sightings I have had since being here and have had only
one other in my life other than here.I could give you
more info on accounts other than these if you so desire
or if you have experiences you would like to share with
me.Since these are true accounts of my experiences I
would be interested in other true stories to help me
fit the pieces of the puzzle together of how they
operate and what they are really doing here.
You can E-mail me at .I am just an
ordinary person trying to evaluate the phenom.

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