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Date: Fri, 25 Apr 1997 14:48:28 +1000
From: Noel
To: jim S.


Why do people ridicule UFO cases?
If I think someone is full of BS, I might stop listening,
but why embarass them in front of other people?

Well, my theory is that certain subjects scare people so much that they don't even get to the point of thinking about it.
I mean, a movie scares you, so you don't finish watching it. That's mentally controlled. But if you bump into a grizzly bear, you're running before you can even think! That's more like "evolution."

So some people seem to be unable to open up long enough to even think about the important possibility, say, that aliens take people and experiment on them. They call us irrational because we actually try to think about it objectively.

I say that they are irrational for ruling out possibilities automatically.


A famous UFO case here in Australia: 1978, the Knowles family are driving across the Nullabor plain. They see a light, the object chases them, lands on the roof of the car, the car is lifted from the road, drops, tires blowout, vehicle is ditched.

Other witnesses were around, boats off the coast apparently saw lights too. People who saw it did not come forward. The case got huge media attention at first, some investigators from America came out as well. Part of the evidence was a fine powder all over the car.

Later, one TV show in particular had the Knowles family on, but the show turned it into a joke. The family were not laughing. That same host won an award for our most popular TV personality. You have a TV program in the USA called "SIGHTINGS" which used that interview in a story about the Knowles case, showing their mistreatment. It's a shame that our own media weren't as kind.

Last year I saw an interview on daytime TV, similar variety show. The guests were women belonging to a UFO watching group. The group exists because they've had "things" happen to them, even since childhood. They meet to vent what they can't understand. The interview was sparked because of a rash of sightings around the city, and this group saw some of the UFOs while having a meeting. This time the audience was at fault, tittering or laughing all the way through like they'd never heard of UFOs. I couldn't believe it. I thought people had opened their minds a bit by now. You don't have to believe what someone is saying to listen.

So, don't assume that everyone will accept your experience. Look for the right people to talk to. (that doesn't mean the first person who says they believe it) I was told to move out of a house one time, because the other tenant made me admit I believed in a certain thing. Then he said "leave." So those people are around. Be careful.

But don't keep it to yourself either. You've got to tell people, if it's real. And tell it like it is, not like hollywood. Email it here, that's a good step.

More later

Actually:- Further to ridicule:- I was listening to talk back radio last night, they have excellent sessions where callers can ask questions, and sometimes its about science. Last night after a "normal" question, a caller asked about a series of orange lights which he thought were big stars, then they shot off in all directions. He was genuine, and gave time, date, place, wanted to know if anyone else saw them. The host and guest started tittering, and said, we can't really help you, then hung up on him.

So there's another example. That's why things go unreported.

And when we're talking abductions, if they really happen, it becomes a bit like rape, really, don't you think. Reporting it could be like being raped again by everybody else. That's what they say.

{UFO Sightings in New Mexico and the World}