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Subject: UFO Sighting Reports

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on Wednesday, April 1, 1998 at 22:26:29

location: Ringwood New Jersey
date: summer of 96
time: 2:00pm

sighting: I was walking up a road with my friend
when of to my right through a break in some trees
I saw 3 bright lights. At first I thought they
were stars because of their size, but I soon
relized this wasn't possible. first it was 2:00
in the afternoon and second they were moving at
a high rate of speed. They were about halfway
across the break when 2 other objects came into
view. one came frome behind them and quickly
caught up and joined them. at the same time the
second one came from directly in front of them
and apeared to be on a colision course. As soon
as it got to them it made a 180 degree turn and
sunddenly was going back the way it had just
come. Now before this the first 3 had been in
no perticuler formation but as soon as the other
2 joined them they lined up in a straight line
(across). then they apeared to start spinning. a
few seconds later they went out of sight. The
whole sighting lasted maybe 30 seconds.


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