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Announcement from Ron Todd, sent to Art Bell and forwarded to me to post.

Dear Art,

A am looking for a Rancher that is "currently or recently" experiencing live stock mutilations of the "unexplained" type. I have a device that I wish to field test and I am willing to loan it to said Rancher; that I believe will alert the Rancher if a mutilation is taking place. Allowing him to intervene.

This device is a modified radar detector that is capable of detecting RF emissions, a by-product of a UFOs propulsion system. It will also detect the RF emissions that are used to stun the live stock.

If you could make this announcement I would be greatly appreciative! All I require is...

This person is REAL Rancher (not someone looking for a freebee) and they are having a REAL problem (not wolfs). I will loan this device to them for 60 days. If it helps them and they want to keep it, it's theirs! All I ask in return is that they report the progress to me.

They can contact me at:

Ron Todd
3 Walker Ct. #1
Derry, NH 03038

Or on the net @...


Ron Todd

{UFO Sightings in New Mexico and the World}