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Date: Mon, 10 Jan 00 09:51AM MST 
From: Ken 
Subject: alien sightings 
Date of Sighting: early winter 1994    
Location: near cleveland ohio
it was late ou  t. id have to say 11:15- 1200. 
i went out near my barn to check up on my rabbit 
since it just had a litter of bunnies. 
i live in the country so it was totally dark out 
the moon was full. i could see everything in the 
sky i looked up west and saw what i thought to be 
an aircraft.   all of a sudden in a blink of an 
eye the aircraft made a right angle turn i couldnt 
believe it! i know that aircrafts cant make a 90 
degree turn like that. as the craft got near i 
could see it easier it hoovered abovew me for 
2-3 minutes i was stunned in frightmentment and 
couriosity it hoovered low to me . id have to say 
at the height of a water tower i could make out 
exactly what it looked like it was in the shape of 
a saucer but in the back of it  was a huga metalic 
looking rooster tail like thing the saucer was all 
metalic looking the tail too it had many different 
colored lights to it;green blue red  orange purple 
and many other colors. it just hoovered over me 
silently then just like that it was gone i ran 
inside afterwards and i was tremendously scared . 
my mom knew something was wrong but she didnt
believe me when i told her

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