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Subject: UFO Sighting Reports
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on Sunday, June 8, 1997 at 03:21:51
name: joe sanford
location: concord, california
date: 70s/80s/90s
time: 10pm-3am

sighting: There have been seven different times that i have seen ufos in my life, 5 of which are collaborable with other people. I have also had my home invaded by alien people three times in my childood. Four of my craft sightings invovled oval shaped glowing orange craft cruising at tree top level over my neighborhood in concord. You couldn't make out the edges of these craft, you saw only blurred, wavelike edges. They were all the same size, big, bigger than my family's 3 bedroom ranch house. They made no sound and were moving slow, about 70 miles an hour maybe less. All four of these craft were also seen by other people. They all took place between 1980 and 1988. In 1992 in pittsburg california I saw a huge dark craft about 500 feet above kirker pass, sitting motionless. I wouldn,t have noticed it but it was a clear night and the stars were bright, I was watching the stars as I drove when I saw a patch of the sky simi circular that was completely black. As I drove I realzed I was driving by it and I could see stars "move" out from behind this dark patch. I pulled over and got out. It was above kirker pass hill, a highway, and was huge. maybee 200 feet across and 30 feet tall. you could see a precise rim to it. It was definately a machine cause you could feel the vibrations in the air comming from it. A diffuse humm was barely audible. Becouse of its size, and the fact it was just sitting their several hundred feet up not moving, I got scarred and drove off. I reaaly felt scarred and was afraid it would follow me for getting out and starring at it. the next day i told a group of friends of mine about it and one friend had been driving the pass that night too and had seen it. he too felt scarred when he relized it wasnt moving but was clearly a massive object. When i was 10 my class went to Old Oak ranch in the mountains near the american river, and while out on an evening group walk the counselor pointed out skylab as it streaked across the sky slowly, well we kept looking at all the beutiful stars when from the west came a small superfast circular light way up there, as high as skylab had looked . It shot in almost overhead then stopped, waited for 2 secounds then shot strait up and out of site. The last sighting was in 1994, in pittsburg ca when i was on my back balcony, I saw a huge dark flying wing shaped craft float in off the hills head out over the city, pause roate and float east, pause than float north and out over the delta out of site. it made no sound but was within two miles of me as it first appeared. it flew about 20 miles an hour was 150 feet wide about 20 feet tall winged shaped and pure black. the whole siting lasted about 10 minutes. It stopped in the air twice.

Three times in my childhood at age 5,9, 12, I awoke from sleep in the middle of the night feeling afraid and unable to move any part of my body. I remember a hollow terrified feeling inside me. Each time my bedroom door would open and a non human person would peer in lock eyes with me and then walk over and put his hand on my throat and thats all I would remember. Two of the earlier times I awoke in the morning with a bloody nose and sore throat. All three times I felt exhausted and scarred in the morning. my parents thought they were just dreams. I would describe them to my mom as grey leathery devils with big eyes and long fingers, verry skinny and quite. When I was 10 though my family was watching the barney and betty hill story on the sunday night movie and when I saw the aliens in the film I gasped yelled ahhhhh and burst into tears as I realized that was what had come into my room before. It was also a terrifying moment for me when as an adult a few years ago, I relived my dreams as I watched whitly striebers movie in witch an alien sneaks into his room at night. I was shaking as i watched it.

Thats all, they're here , I fear them.

{UFO Sightings in New Mexico and the World}