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on Sunday, January 5, 1997 at 01:23:49
name: Scott Kiessig
location: Santa Rosa, Ca
date: Fri, Jan 4 1997
time: 9:32pm (Pacific Time)

sighting: Down the street at a house with a large sky light a circular looking object that apeared to be a UFO was hovering very quietly. It was constantly moving back and forth and then it slowly went down the street. All this was happening with the object about 200 yards above the street. It appeared to follow the people who came out of the house as they ran down the street to my house. There it hovered momentarily and then gradually went straight up. As it was in the sky it appeared to have some sort of flickering light. It almost looked like it was on fire. Then it went straight up and disapeared. After it was gone we talked to another neighbor down the street and he had said that he had seen two of the same things from a nearby gas station the night before. We will be on the look out for another one tomorrow...
{UFO Sightings in New Mexico and the World}