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Subject: Form posted from Mozilla
Date: Sun, 29 Nov 1998 11:57:01 +1100
From: Nick

Name:=Nick Brass
Location:=Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
UFO=I have just arrived home from a music festival in a place
called Sedwick near Bendigo in Victoria. It was about 11:00.
I was sitting with three other friends all of whom were playing
their bongos around a fire. We were sitting on the hill of a
valley in which the music festival was taking place. I am
interested in astronomy so my eyes were on the sky. All of a
sudden my eyes caught site of two distict red lights hovering
in the air in the background above one of the hill tops. I
remember instantly thinking to listen for aircraft engines,
but there was nothing. I looked to see if the lights were
coming toward or going away from us, but there was no change.
It was most certantly a UFO. My friend Jim then turned himself
toward it and started playing tribal beat to it. The second he
stopped, the saucer dipped its rights side (light), as if a
form of communication. Then a flash of orange light moved
across it from one red light to the other. It then slowly
moved to its left. The red lights got smaller as it moved away.
It then vanashed with a small white streek following it. This
was my first UFO encounter. I've always believed there is other
civilisations out there. I am very happy to have had this
experience and I hope for many more to come. The way the
object sat there seemed as though it was interested in what we
were doing. I'm sure they were observing us. A few other people
at the festival confirmed my report. It was very exciting. If
you have any information about UFO sitings in South Australia
could you please email me at -

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