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Unusual Event Over Shiprock New Mexico

This event happened in the summer of 1985. I have placed the date around June 21, 1985, plus or minus a day or two. I was on a trip exploring archaeological sites in New Mexico and southern Colorado for solstice alignments of ancient structures, in particular looking for any markings for indications of the farthest motion of the lunar cycles. I was about 75 miles north of Shiprock New Mexico. This happened about 21:00 on a clear night. Earlier that afternoon I had determined that visibility was about 100 to 125 miles from looking at rock formations and maps of the area.
Shortly after 21:00, looking south, I saw a group of lights that at first I didn't pay a whole lot of attention to. After a few minutes of looking at the night sky in other areas I came back to looking towards Shiprock and noticed that this group of lights were "acting oddly" in that they were starting to move around the sky, sort of like they were doing some kind of acrobatic motions. I watched this for about 5 minutes when all of a sudden the group of lights scattered to different locations many miles apart in a matter of about several seconds. From my perspective the group changed from directly in front of me, to positions at around 30 and 60 degrees on both the left and right of center. By this time I was begining to think something strange was going on. I watched this group of lights all come back together in the center again, and then spread out again several times over the course of about 10 minutes.
Every time they moved it was in a matter of seconds. I saw some of the lighted objects start making very sharp turns at what had to be high speed, covering what I have estimated at 100 to 120 miles in about one second. I was using geological formations for reference points, and geological maps the following day to make these estimates.
After watching this for about 10 more minutes I saw two aircraft approach from the southeast flying in formation. About this time the group of lights scattered with 3 of them moving in my direction. They passed in a matter of about 5 seconds, with the two aircraft following about 2 minutes later. I could see when they flew over they were military aircraft. (During this time I also observed two commercial aircraft flying at around 36,000 and 40,000 feet.) The military aircraft were flying low at around 12,000 to 14,000 feet.
I have observed and been in and around all types of aircraft for the past 25 years including helicopters, light aircraft, jet aircraft, and high performance gliders. My father was a commercial airline pilot and worked for PSA and Japan Air Lines for many years. I am using this as a base for my estimates about the aircraft. I am aware of what aircraft look like under many different conditions, and also their limitations and maneuverability.
About 35 minutes later I saw the two military jet aircraft fly back towards the direction they came from, southeast of Shiprock New Mexico.
If you have any information that adds to this, I would like to hear it. My ˙personal opinion is that I saw two jet interceptors dispatched to investigate what was in the airspace at that time. The objects could easily run circles around the jets, but played tag with them for a while, and then left. I would really like to see the logs on or around that day kept by the military, but as you know, that information is being kept from the public for the absurd logic that THEY (the military) are protecting us. What a joke!
Jeffrey Johnston 08-30-87 23:33
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