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Date: Sat, 22 Jan 2000 04:23:28 +0000
From: unknown@unknown (unknown)
Name: Craig Johnson
Location: Seattle Washington, USA
Date_of_Sighting: August 14 & 15 1999
Time_of_Sighting: 11:45am-12:15pm
I was watching the Blue Angels above Seattle on 
both Saturday and Sunday (August 14/15) from 
Victor Steinbrueck Parkin downtown Seattle. On 
their Sunday appearance, I looked south and saw 
a long, skinny cigar-shaped object float towards 
a cumulus cloud and vanish inside. I waited 45 
minutes for it to come out the other side, but 
it didn't.
The object appeared to be 1-2 miles away. It was 
dark grey on the bottom and lighter grey on the 
It looked like a skinny cigar or a fat cigarette; 
not anything like any Goodyear or Budweiser blimp 
I've ever seen. (Neither was in town that I was 
aware of).  No gondola or engines were visible, 
nor were any tail fins.
It looked to be about 75 to 100 feet in length, 
and 10 to 15 feet tall.
I had taken pictures of the Blue Angels, but had 
run out of film well before this object was seen.  
I got my film back a couple of months ago; only 
tonight while examining the pictures I saw two 
photos with unidentified objects in them!
One of them showed four Angels flying in diamond 
formation; and on the starboard wingtip of the 
trailing jet a bright white "fireball" seems to 
be floating or possibly even attached.
The sky was cloudy that day, so a sunlight 
reflection is completely out of the question.
A second photo taken the previous day shows six 
jets in a chevron formation (in bright sunlight); 
and well away from them a silvery, possibly
saucer-shaped UFO is evident in the picture.  I 
saw neither of these through the viewfinder or 
afterwards - it wasn't until I examined the 
pictures did I notice these.
Is it possible the photographed objects were 
related to the much larger ship?
In all instances, the airspace where the UFOs 
were seen was completely closed to commercial 
and private traffic; all planes except the Blue 
Angels were diverted well west of their normal 
flight paths and could be seen going far out of 
their normal corridors on final.  All of the 
UFOs appeared in the closed airspace.
I will attempt to e-mail you the photos taken 
from the Kodak CD-ROM that came backwith my film.  
The "fireball" UFO photo is cropped to only show 
the planes & fireball; since the rest of it is just 
the cloud deck (ie. no reference points available 
othr than the aircraft); the other one will be sent 
untouched and whole.  I can send the fireball 
picture whole later, if you need it.

Subject: UFOs and Blue Angels
Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2000 20:41:24 -0800
Dear Sirs,
I just sent a UFO Report using your online form, and these are the 
photos I said I'd get to you.

This picture was shot as the Blue Angels were almost directly overhead. The remainder of the picture which was cropped away only shows the cloud deck - if you still want the uncropped, untouched version let me know and I'll send it. Note the "fireball" like thing on or just under the trailing plane's starboard wingtip. None of the planes were using their smoke generators at this time, besides the smoke comes from the plane's fuselage, not their wingtips.

(A slice of the original photo)


Look at the light above the formation of jets. When enlarged, it appears to be a silvery-colored craft of some kind. This photo is unretouched (not cropped) and was taken directly off the Kodak photo CD-ROM that came back with the film. I don't know if these were associated with the much larger craft I saw (and reported in the same form) or not. I didn't realise I had photographed anything odd until I was going through the Kodak CD-ROM tonight looking for another picture on it. And these showed up, clear as day. None of the other pictures of Blue Angels I took from the same roll showed any unusual lights or anything else. The picture below (the big one) was taken on August 14th; the one on top on August 15th (the day I saw the large, cigar-shaped UFO during their performance).

Regards, Craig Johnson

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