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Subject: UFO Sighting Reports
Below is the result of your feedback form.
It was submitted by __________________
on Thursday, July 31, 1997 at 07:31:17
name: _______________
location: Squim,Wa USA
date: 0728-07291997
time: 11:45-12:15 am

sighting: S_______ and I left Tacoma Wa about noon on Monday July 28,1997 on a short road trip to port angeles, wa and back home. Somehow along the way we were detoured over and over. We both have discussed and agreed that the day was full of odd events that we somehow kept seperate from one another as if each one of them happened days apart. Its as if we connected the dots to a picture but didnt see the picture until the next day. This whole way of thinking for us continued on until we got home. Even during situations we were not frightened or towards the end even really involved in the picture before us. We both were clearly out of normal character. We do not understand this at all. This is where I want to start telling you that we are good people in fear of judgement or ridicule. I wont but I will say that I wont be real descriptive due to this fear that both of us have.

We left monday back tuesday morning and never made it to Port Angeles. We stopped a few places along the way and crossed paths with some pretty interesting people. We went off the beaten track over and over for one reason or another. Down dirt roads that were dark and primitive that led to situations that would have normally sent us heading down the well lit main hiway quicklike.

We were driving down this road and it was pitch black and we had to vear off due to tree blocking this road only to realize that there was water on both sides of this strip of dirt road. (this is one of the stories along the way that I wont go into accept that we traveled a road that in reality was a body of water) The stars were shooting (pretty cool but shooting in numbers) and one of them just moved around the sky ..this craft just above that had this sort of blinking red light and this slower blue strobelike light that emitted kind of a glow of color. We are not sure where the red was coming from but thought maybe it was moving in a circular like motion and just appeared to be blinking from how we seen it but the other light we think was from the side. We seen the blue of the light but not as direct as the red. We were not sure if this was a plane or UFO and still do not know accept it made no sound at all and it was extremely quiet out there. This star (we know this was not a star but dont know what to call it. So we will stick with star) it was extremely bright and moved about within the same area to this point. Through the rest of our night this star followed us (We called it the North star but it was first south then west and then east.. a friend of mine here in tacoma called me when I got home and asked me if I had seen the ufo the night before and described the same thing. We drove into Squim to get film but was unable to find a store that had any. I take alot of pictures and found it odd that AM PM was out of film. So we couldnt take any pics on the way home. Anyway, we had driven about 35 miles toward home when we saw this sign that said music festival. We wanted to find a place to sit and play our guitars. We followed the signs in but realized quickly we must not stay only to find now no trespassing signs in both directions. About the time I want to turn around Steve sees the main road. (this was about a 20 minute detour or so)When we got on the road we were back to the original we started and had to drive toward home as if we hadnt ever left. I cant tell you how odd it was. This did freak us out a bit but we continued on making the best. We stopped just before the Hood canal bridge to play our music. Walked off and into the grass toward the water. It was beautiful.(by the way the north star now is in the east. Shining brilliant) We hung out there for a quite a while.
bridge there was this freeway sign that said something like "Major Attraction up Ahead" I said what kind of freeway sign is that and S_____ said its probably us....That was the oddest freeway sign I have ever seen. We both thought it was wierd.

We got off of the bridge and as we turned the corner all we could see were lights from ambulences, fire trucks, police cars....So many of them that I didnt think we could get through so I started to pull to the side of the road. This firemen came from the side of all of this with a flashlight (that wasnt lit) flagging us to come around. We did this but he stopped us just as we were coming by this black car that had been in the accident. He opened the car door and there was this man in there who appeared to be..well we thought he might be deceased but didnt know but it all shocked us. Then the fireman closed the door of that car. (dont know why he opened it)

We went on down the hiway no more than a mile only to run out of gas at a closed gas station. That didnt open for two and a half hours later. There was no traffic to get help. We figured we would wait until one of the police or someone came by in hopes they would help. Again we had odd things happen here which was consistent with the last 12 hours or so.

This tow truck driver pulls into the gas station with the car from the accident. S_______ asked him if he would get us gas or help in some way to do so he said no. I asked him if he could sifen some gas from his truck and we would pay him..He said no I dont have anything to sifen it with and if I did I dont have anything to put it in.(At this point I got a bad feeling and grabbed s_____ arm and told the man thanks anyway. We went and got back into our car but just moments later I see him walking toward us (in the side mirror). We get out of the car to find that he has a gas can already full of gas. (another wierd instance now but we quickly get in and head out)

Now I know with the info I have given you could say so what does this have to do with a sighting. Well, that was the farthest thing from our minds until we saw all those dots connected. To many odd things happened that took several days yet all was within less than 18 hours never to arrive at our destination that is one and a half hours away.

Then the questions that still have no answers like (but not inclusive) the tow truck guy didnt have anything to sifen or a gas can but a minute later he provided a full can of gas. (I still thank him) The other thing was back at the accident there were so many emergency vehicles and police cars (mass) and both S_______ and I only seen one person. (that fireman) We decided to call the police and asked them a few questions about the accident. The sherrifs office hadnt heard about the accident but told us that the State patrol would be able to help us. We called the state patrol and they informed us that there had been no accident reported. I explained to him exactly where it was and all the emergency vehicles...everything...He said there was no accident. The tow truck driver told us in few words that the driver of the car had died. I told the officer that this was a fatality accident. He at this point was thinking I had lost my mind and although I know there was an accident began feeling a bit strained. My feet swelled up, my toes and the outer edge of my feet turned purple making it painful to walk. I layed down. S______ neck pained him and now had a protrusion just below the skull. We both had sore raspy like throats. Our physical state was quite broken down. This trip as odd as it sounds was relaxing to both of us. My feet still hurt bad this evening. All my toes are black and blue as well as all around the border. Also on both feet up the back of the foot and ankle are also exact red and bruised marks. S_____ also has what felt like glass or poking on the bottom of his feet. I had sandles on the whole trip. He wore tennis shoes. We did nothing physical to have caused such an injury. I do not bruise easily and half quite a high tolerance to pain but would have know this for sure. We do not understand what happened. We dont understand our passive natures, our continuous journeys off course that each time led to danger without a care and so much more. It is hard to tell the story with the impact that it has had on us without knowing us or seeing these things in person.

It is funny because all the way home we talked, laughed and were filled with this happiness going on and on about this being the best trip ever and how wonderful we felt. We looked at it a few hours after we got home and still dont get it. Something odd happened somewhere along the way. What it was? Wish we knew.

Hope this makes sense to you.
Thanks for taking the time and if you hear from anyone who was in our area that might have seen or experienced anything similar could you please forward our email to them. Thanks to jim and his wife for giving us strength to tell this story.



Date: Thu, 31 Jul 1997 02:20:32 -0700
From: __________
Subject: we are speachless

Hello there. My boyfriend and I have been extremely concerned, confused and well....countless emotions that we have been conflicted by due to an experience that we experienced Monday July 28 into July 29th, 1997.

I believe that this e-mail is going to Jim and his wife. Our story is not the same as yours but has similarities in some respects. Although our experience was personal (for lack of a better word right now).

The whole story will give you goosebumps and to be honest we are not sure where it all started, when it ended and if we really know everything that happened during. It was a multitude of happenings on a getaway that started in Tacoma en route to Port Angeles-Traveling 101 and hiway 3. (I will not go into the whole story or any details at this point because Steve and I agreed not to discuss it with anyone at this point until we were able to put it into perspective)

We did see a brilliant sky unlike any other-My whole life I have been a huge lover of the stars never to see a shooting star. this night within aprox 20 minutes or so we saw four. (others were seen by my partner steve while I was either not looking or driving)(driving car without top so sky was extremely visible)

We also saw a plane like craft above us. There was no sound at all and we were parked. (the dirt road we drove down had a log across it and so we veered off to the right down another road that led us into a bizarre chain of events.)(well, the twelve hours befor this were odd but not like the next period of time) anyway, the craft was not to far to hear especially since being in a wood like area (we thought) on a sandy like surface (realizing after we were out on this road that we were on a road that led out into the water that was on both sides of us. We found some work camp toward what we think was toward the end but went no further because of fear, common sense and...

This craft had a very bright red light that blinked consistently although the light was not like that of an airplane. It blinked from within..well it didnt appear to be like a light on the end or wing . It might have been making like a circular motion or something and we saw it at an angle that gave sort of a blinking affect. Then there was another light that emitted blue flashes or something but it was less often than the red. I believe this light to be blue but I am color blind to close colors. It could have been green but I think not. (a friend of mine called yesterday the 29th and asked if I had seen the ufo the prior night and described the same thing and also said blue.) I had not told him and still have not of our experiences but did say I saw the same thing in the sky.

The rest of our experiences we are afraid to tell in fear of people either thinking we are off our rockers or maybe even afraid. Plus we do not really understand the whole thing ourselves. We told a couple family members only part and realized quickly that we should keep this to ourselves. We both are experiencing rather odd things since then. (Physically) I am glad that you shared your story because we have continued to try and rationalize something that is just to hard to believe even though it was ourselves.

Thanks So much and write back if you like. S_____ and I had agreed not to tell anyone but I am sure he will understand what I have told you beings as though you and your wife experienced what appear to be the same visitors.

Take care
Please keep this or our name at least confidential please.


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