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Subject: Form posted from Microsoft Internet Explorer.
Date: Mon, 2 Nov 1998 19:32:21 -0500 (EST)
From: "JLJ" 
Location:=Coventry Connecticut
Time:=11:15 PM
UFO=Sighting: Over Coventry Lake, a bright lighted object, in the 
shape similar to the Chrysler insignia.  Many colored lights, 
yellow, red, blue, green, blinking in succession.  This is the 2nd 
sighting of this same object.  No sound.  Night extremely clear.  
Saw Big Dipper from our deck, directly in front of us.  Object 
above and in short distance away from Big Dipper.  Object appears 
to rotate in relatively same position in sky, then turn on its 
axis and rotate. Also, looking off to our left (north) another 
object, not as bright but same shape, pattern and colors was 
The First time of this sighting was October 17, 1996 at about 
11:15 PM, we observed it until about 3 AM and then fell asleep at 
the table looking out window. Sunrise the next morning was 
different, there was a purple haze over the lake, unlike anything 
I've ever seen before. This most recent sighting, we observed til
about 1:15 AM on 11/2, then went to sleep.  Was not up in time to 
ee sunrise, but up early (6:15 AM, no purple haze observed this time).
If anyone has observed anything like this, we would be interested in 
knowing as we cannot come up with any reasonable explanation, such as 
meteors, stars, Perhaps a new planet?? that appears only in the fall??


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