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Subject: UFO Sighting Reports

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on Tuesday, March 17, 1998 at 23:08:16

location: Montreal,PQ,Canada
date: November 21,1991
time: about 9 or 10 pm
sighting: Two of my friends and I were in my 
back yard in Park-Extension and we were 
fooling around when one of us looked up and 
saw the strangest thing. We saw clouds. On 
the clouds were three lights forming a triangle. 
They would rotate once(dont remember if it was 
clockwise)then stop, then join onto each other 
and make one circle. Then they would break and 
form a triangle again and continue like before. 
It would do this for a long time. I went to my 
roof for proof and saw that the lights were not 
originating from the ground. I saw this again a 
few years later in a different location in 
Steve Z.

{UFO Sightings in New Mexico and the World}