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Date: Tue, 08 Jul 1997 04:36:14 -0500
From: S&A
Subject: hi

I am from st.louis and we saw the same thing on the forth it was a greenish light large and oval shaped in front with a strait streek of white light after it, it was really weird could you mail back and tell what you saw Steve

Webmaster wrote: To Steve: You will have to write to those people (if they have a e-mail listed). I did not see these. I live in Artesia New Mexico and am the Webmaster of this site. You are the third person from that area to report something very similar for July 4,1997!

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Subject: UFO Sighting Reports
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on Tuesday, July 8, 1997 at 16:10:47
name: Steve
location: St.Louis co.Frontenac Mo.63131
date: 7/4/97
time: 9:30 pm

sighting: We,my wife sister and her husband were on our deck all of the sudden the whole area was lit up by a greenish glowing light we looked up and saw a roundish green glowing object with a strait as an arrow white trail of light behind it the tree tops were lit by this thing as well as our deck. It was traveling east to west and we could not comprehend the speed of it. It lasted about 5-6 seconds then the whole object that was about the length of a three bedroom ranch house just disapeared at once. We all said that was a ufo at once. There was reported many many sightings of this object in the St.Louis area that night.

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