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Subject: UFO Sighting Reports
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on Saturday, September 27, 1997 at 03:26:51
name: Tracey Thompson
location: Surry, VA
date: 11-91
time: 2:15 am

sighting: I have witnessed..what I believe a few sightings in my lifetime. The most current, was when I lived in Surry, VA. It was about 2:15 am and I was going to pick up my boyfriend, who worked at the Surry Nuclear Power Station. As soon as I came out to start the car..I felt eyes upon me..something weird..I noticed to my left lingering in the aircraft..with headlights, as a plane usually has. I didn't really think alot of it..except for the fact that it was still..sitting in the sky. I waited a few minutes inside the the kids together..when I walked back out to put them in the car, I noticed it still there. I proceeded to my I went down the road..this thing stayed parallel with me..right beside me..if I went did it..I even stopped in the middle of the road ..thinking I had lost my mind..but, it stopped too..still..I cut the engine to the car off...even an high you can't barely see it..produces some noise..this had no noise..nothing... When I got to the nuclear station..I parked..and waited for him..waiting to tell him of an adult could see it hovered in the trees... I could look out my windshield..and see it waiting there...I watched my boyfriend approach the car..anxious to tell him...and when he got in..I said "LOOK!!!" was gone.

As I said before ..this isn't the first....I have seen them before..I understand that Surry, VA..could be in the path of the Langley Airforce base....but, unless I am totally they make aircraft..that can sit..and produce no noise..whatsoever? I don't think the times when I seen strange aircraft before..they produced no noise....they could fly faster than any jet..I have ever seen before..and they were on their way to the Nuclear Power Station...the electrical lines..buzzed so hard one one went by..I thought they would catch fire.....I have always seen them between 2-5 am. If anyone reads this..and they live in Surry, VA..or anywhere close by..please e-mail me.

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