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Subject: Submitted UFO Sighting Report
LOCATION : Frimley, Surrey, England
DATE-Sighting : 3 May 1998
TIME-Sighting : 02:00 a.m.
This is your Submitted Sighting Report : 
I was lying in bed looking out of my window when I 
noticed what seemed to me to be a very strange star.  
I got myself up and had a proper look out of the 
window and to my amazement what seemed to be tiny 
stars were swirling around and moving at speeds not 
possible for any known technology.  They seemed to 
be keeping to a triangular formation.  I noticed 
one which was swirling; it seemed to be leaving a 
light tail behind it.  I also watched them move in 
parallel.  Behind the trees I could also see a 
stationary object which was emitting green, red and 
blue light.  I saw the objects suddenly disappearing 
then reappearing and after about 40 minutes the 
whole sky seemed to clear and not even the stars 
were visible.  When I tried to type up this exciting 
incident my text became strangely encrypted and I 
had great difficulty saving it to a floppy disk.  I 
am not sure if this is relevant but it scared me at 
the time as I have a powerful computer that I do not 
usually experience problems with.  This sighting was 
also witnessed by two friends who were spending the 
night at my home and my parents.  The following 
night my mother saw the object that appeared to have 
the alternating lights and trained binoculars on it.  
Through the binoculars the lights were still 
apparent and suddenly what can best be described as 
a high speed aerobatic light display occurred.  The 
line of lights moved rapidly in the shape of 
firecrackers, swirling spirals and figures of eight 
before re-forming into one star like object.

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