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Subject: UFO Sighting Reports

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on Wednesday, March 25, 1998 at 18:26:45

location: The Sierras above Echo Summit, 
           Lake Tahoe, Ca.
date: Spring 1992
time: 3AM
sighting: I saw a large ball of fire rising up out 
of the Tahoe Basin which looked like the view of 
large jet exhaust flying away from me. It suddenly 
started darting all over the night sky with tremendous 
speeds, but it stopped and started instantly, with no 
acceleration. It was moving so fast it's trajectories 
looked like a line of light like a neon tube.
 I later spoke with two people who saw the same thing, 
exactly, but one of them saw this same object doing 
the same thing this past summer, five years later.
 Another of them was so affected by his encounter that 
he has been collecting reports from people here in 
Thaoe who have seen the same thing- again exactly- a 
ball of orange fire emerging from the lake or the basin 
and making jerky high speed motions before speeding 
straight up out of the atmosphere.
 I have been around aviation all my life. I know this 
thing was doing over 5000 miles per hour. In my own 
sighting, it finally rose to about fifteen thousand 
feet, hovered for a couple of seconds and then shot
straight up at a speed so great it was really 
astonishing. In silence, it rose up out of the 
atmosphere in a instant, and again, it's path looked 
like an orange neon tube for an instant, stretching 
up forever. I am very interested to hear from anyone 
in the Tahoe Basin or outlying Nevada areas who has 
seen this same thing.

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