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Subject: O.K. POST THIS...

...In the Summer of 1979, I was working graveyard Security at EBERLINE Radiation Detection Equipment Company on the south end of the city of SANTA FE, N.M. At about 2 A.M. , a radiation monitor near the back dock went off. There were tests going on in the building and I started looking for what might be wrong. I couldn't determine anything wrong inside so I went outside to the rear dock area. Hovering about 50 ft above the rear gate was a 30 ft. diameter SPHERE. It was mostly glowing White Yet there were what I call "Swirling PLASMA rainbow colors" happening also. It rose up about 200 ft. and slowly moved to the North, towards the downtown PLAZA area. When I got off work at 6 A.M. , I called the Santa Fe police department and asked if any one had reported anything unusual in the sky. The woman said , "Yes", this was the third night of sightings. And as we were talking she said that Officer ______and Officer______had just come in and would I like to talk to them? I spoke with Office_____(name on file)...He said they first spotted the large SPHERE over the PLAZA, and like the 2 nights previous followed it north out of town into the National Forest area. That the object stopped and hovered low across the road from an area I knew to be the location of a large natural deposit of MAGNETITE. It was joined by 5 other SPHERES. They spaced themselves about 30 ft from each other in the form of a 6 sided geometric form. Then they move together(without touching) to the Northwest. There is more to this. A few nights later , at my home in Santa Fe, there was a high frequency sound and bluish/white light started coming into the living room from outside. Then (and a swear on my life,to any other human reading this) a 7 ft. tall "REPTOID" (Reptilian Humanoid) appeared in my home. It checked out my UFO; Cavern; Abduction; Animal Mutilation ; etc. research map of New Mexico , on the wall. There is more to what happened.....but, I'll tell you this, they are tracking their cross-breed hybrids, all of whom have Rh-negative blood types. They have breed into the human population and the hybrids (5% of the population of the Earth) mostly do not know they are any different than the rest of us. Yet, many of them have lower blood pressure; lower body temperature; and many are born with tails ,that the doctors remove at birth. The government , that you think is keeping secrets, is just hiding that they DO NOT UNDERSTAND what is going on ! It will be you, private investigators , who will help other HU-mans to find out that these BEINGS are mostly NOT from another PLANET...the secret is that they are from Earth. We have a common ancestor and we ALL have evolved right here on Earth ! It is just that the REPTOIDS and there slaves (the GREYS) live in CAVERNS and Sub-cities within Ter-ra (third from the SUN). They are manipulating us to their own purposes. You must awaken to the truth. Stop looking up ! We are in a SPECIES war ! Stop dreaming of other worlds......they are HERE, NOW.


{UFO Sightings in New Mexico and the World}