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Subject: Submitted UFO Sighting Report
LOCATION : Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico
DATE-Sighting : 1969 or 1970
TIME-Sighting : 7:00pm to 7:30pm
This is your Submitted Sighting Report : 
The details of the sighting that I experienced 
are a little hazy.  It is an experience that I 
had forgotten about, but would from time to time, 
somehow recollected.  As the seven or eight year
old third grader that I was at the time, the 
intense fascination and fear of seeing something 
strange in the sky was there but regrettably 
subsided, as stated before, into a forgotten 
memory. As an adult, I on occasion go over the 
events that occurred that night in my mind for 
some new revelation...something that may be 
omitted from my current recollection but would 
help me explain what the hell it was that I saw. 
I will state the events from two points of view: 
1] as the kid that I was and how I remember it 
from THOSE eyes and, 
2] as an adult, with analytical skills and reason.
The sighting occurred around 1969 or 1970, roughly 
the week before, during, or after the Easter 
holiday week.  At the time I was visiting with 
relatives in Mexico, in the city or Monterrey, 
Nuevo Leon.
I sat on the back porch with a cousin, at his home.  
The porch was more of a rectangular "room".  As 
you walk onto the porch from the house, there are 
glass panes and a sliding glass door to walk 
through, a ceiling, two solid walls to the left 
and right, and no wall facing the backyard. The 
floor of the porch itself was marble and there are 
two steps running the entire length of the outer 
porch, which lead down to the backyard.  I was 
sitting on the top step in the middle of the porch, 
looking up at the sky.  This is something that for 
some reason I have done all my life stare up into 
the sky at night.  My cousin, a guy of high school 
age, was sitting in a chair to my left. We were 
talking about something, I cannot remember.  The 
night air was a little cool, and the sky was clear.  
The moon was full or almost full at a position of 
about upper mid-left in the field of vision that 
we had.  
At about 7:20pm (according to my "baseball" watch), 
we spotted three RED lights in the sky emerge from 
our right.  The lights formed a triangle with one 
light ahead of the other two.  The lights were 
traveling in an upwardly slanted direction across 
the sky , towards the position of  Moon. The lights 
looked like stars, but appeared much bigger and 
closer and circular.  As they traveled towards the 
left they appeared to get smaller.   My cousin and 
I looked at this sight and both felt that something 
was not right.  It didn't seem like an airplane.  I 
suddenly became afraid (I don't know why).  I got 
the impression that my cousin was also afraid.  The 
only person home at the time was another older 
cousin, a guy of college age.  We ran inside to get 
him, to come outside and see! He reluctantly came 
outside.  We probably made no sense to him and he 
had a smile on his face like "you guys are crazy".  
At this time, for some reason I looked at my watch 
to notice the time.  When we got back out on the 
porch again the lights had gone.  But we saw 
something else.  The Moon had turned from it's 
silvery white a RED.  I felt more fear 
and so did my cousin.  As we stood there, we all 
spoke, but I don't remember what was said.  After 
a moment, the older cousin, just laughed and said 
"oh it's nothing" and walked back inside. My 
conclusion at the time was that missiles had been 
fired at the Moon and the Moon was being destroyed.  
My cousin and I went back inside...the Moon was 
still red.  I think we checked one more time a 
little later on, and the Moon was still red.  
I remember that we dismissed the possibility of 
the lights being an airplane.  We heard no sound.  
I am sure now that we saw space (or something) 
in between the lights indicating that the lights 
were not joined or originating from a single 
vehicle or craft like an airplane.  In measuring 
the movement and speed of the lights, the only 
reference I can make would be to relate it to 
the speed of an airplane as it crosses the sky.  
The lights did not blink or move away at a high 
rate of speed.  The rising fear that I felt and 
that I believe my cousin felt was very real.  It 
made us run...yes run inside to "get help", or at 
least get someone else to see it.  
Upon returning, with the older cousin, and seeing 
the Moon with it's RED tinge was indeed a 
frightening sight.  I have concluded that what we 
witnessed was an unidentified flying object.  In 
relation I believe that the lights or objects 
produced some kind of trail or exhaust, if you 
will, as it pasted between our line of sight to 
the Moon, causing the Moon to appear RED.  Again 
at this point the heightened fear was disturbing 
and not coming from something that we saw, I 
guess it came more from what we didn't see, or 
understand.  The entire episode could not have 
taken more than five minutes.

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