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Subject: UFO Sighting Reports

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on Tuesday, March 24, 1998 at 03:43:27

location: North of Taos, New Mexico
date: 9/87
time: 8:00 PM
sighting: I was traveling North out of 
Taos, New Mexico heading to Colorado. 
It was about 8:00PM and was raining. The 
clouds were very thick and heavy but 
I noticed a beam of light coming out of 
the sky. I was amazed at the light and 
knew it couldn't be the sun because the 
sun had already set behind the high 
mountains. I went to grab my camera that 
was sitting on the passenger seat and 
was going to try to take a picture while 
driving.(This is a pretty stupid thing 
to try)
With camera in hand my electrical system 
on my car went dead. The radio went off, 
the windshield wipers stopped mid-wipe, 
and the car went dead. I pulled over to 
the side of the road and I'm embarrassed 
to admit, I got hysterical. I was freaked 
because I had just had a less than 
enjoyable experience camping by myself for 
3 days in New Mexico and now my car was 
dead.(I had forgotten about the light at 
this point) I got some of my senses back 
and tried starting my car and it started 
right off. I looked to the west and the 
light was gone. My car never did that 
again. It felt like a UFO experience to me. 
I think they let me go because I was too 
hysterical. I'm much stronger now. I'll 
never forget that evening.

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