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name: Tim
location: Little Rock, Arkansas
date: June 17, 1994
time: About 9:45 pm

sighting: My father and I were observing the stars through our telescope when all of a sudden there was a blaze of light. We looked at it through our telescope and saw that it was a UFO. As it got closer we could see more of it's details. It was a circular object and it had three round orbes along the edge. Then, a streak of light came out from under the UFO. The streak moved back and forth like whatever was inside it was looking for something. Then my dad said, "What is it?". The UFO zipped around like it heard us. It shined it's light on us. It was so bright we had to cover our eyes. When our eyes adjusted to the light we removed our arms from our faces. Just then, the UFO turned off it's light and zoomed away. It was gone just like that. I'd guess it went 700 miles per hour. After that we went inside and told my mom. She gave us some hot cocoa to drink. Then I went to bed. While I layed there I kept glancing up at the sky. I couldn't get to sleep that night and for many nights after.



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