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Date: 1/14/98
Time: Approx. 2200 hrs.
Location: Artesia, New Mexico
Weather: Clear, dry approx. 40F 
Name: Tito
Moon and Line UFO's

On Wednesday January 14,1998 at approximatly 2200 hrs.
I was approached by a very excited co-worker. He just 
came in from the outside. He stated to me he had just 
seen something very weird. I questioned him about 
exactly what he had observed. He said he happened to 
look up at the almost full moon. He observed three , 
what looked like lines passing in front of the moon. 
He stated they were at equal distance from each other. 
He observed them move somewhat slowly across the moon. 
He told me that at one point they streched from one 
edge of the moon to the opposite edge. As soon as 
these 'lines' cleared from in front of the moon he lost 
track of them. These 'lines' had no visible light, just 
dark solid objects. He also drew me a sketch of what he 

{UFO Sightings in New Mexico and the World}