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Date: Tue, 5 Jun 2001 15:59:22 +0000
From: WWW user

Name: David
Location: Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England
Date_of_Sighting: May19th 2001
Time_of_Sighting: Approx 1215 (midnight)
I am an english coach driver and I had just finished my duty which had been
to drive a coach from my home towm to London and return.
I was driving along a main road A143 near a town called Beccles, my offside
rear tyre was getting soft so I decided to pump it up with an electric pump
I carry in the car.
I was about halfway through pumping when I noticed the top of the car was
lit up (as if by a very powerful searchlight).The strange thing was that
there was no light around the car on the ground, just the shape of the top
of the car. The road was deserted and very dark apart from that light, there
was no indication of where the light was coming from (no beam). I looked up
for some unknown reason and there was a blinding flash as if someone had
fired a camera flashgun in my eyes at close range.........and the the light
was gone.NO noise NO light...NOTHING.
I was in the Royal Air Force for some time I KNOW what searchlights look
like and I know what helecoper "nightsun" looks like and it was neither of
these ant ideas please....????


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