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Date: Sat, 13 Mar 1999 04:31:16 GMT
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Location: Oregon

Date: December 17,1998

Time: 4:20 am

Sighting: I was verry tired one night, so I went to bed early. I woke
up around 4:oo a.m. because I couldn't sleep any longer. I thought that
maybe I would go for a jog(yes it was cold, but I like to jog in the fresh,
cold air). We were visiting my aunt, so I didn't quite know my way around
the entire neighborhood, but I guess that it wasn't really a neighborhood-we
were in the middle of nowhere!! Anyway... So I started to jog, and I was
listening to some music on a headset. You know when you get that really
scary feeling that something is behind you? Well, I had it!! I slowed
down, turned of the music, and slid my headphones down around my neck.
Everything was still, and I said to myself "Quite being stupid. Just keep
going!" I just couldn't get rid of that feeling. Then a gust of wind came
up, and I whirled around. Up, high in the sky, way off in the distance, I
saw a grayish silver, disk shaped object. It just sat there until I started
to think that I was imagining the clouds into things. Then, it rose up even
higher, and came at me with tremendous speed!! I screamed, turned the other
direction, and started to run, because it was coming at me!! Just then I
watched it woosh over my head. I stopped, rubbed my eyes, and looked again.
I watched it sit about 100 feet in front of me, and about 250 or 300 feet up.
Then it rotated, and wooshed of into the morning sun. You may not
believe me-I'm not even sure, I believe me. All I know is what I saw. I'm
not here trying to convince you, or convert you into an "Alien Believer".
You believe what you will. As for me, I will always have that unanswered
question in the back of my mind-Are we alone in this big universe;we could
be the ones being aliens to them, if there is a "THEM".




UFO Sightings in New Mexico and the World