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Subject: Submitted UFO Sighting Report
LOCATION :  Canada
DATE-Sighting : May 10'1992
TIME-Sighting : 9:35-10.05
This is your Submitted Sighting Report : 
I was driving along a short stretch of road at 
the edge of town when I noticed a large red light 
beside me in the sky. It was really peculiar and 
travelling very low in the sky. I have always 
believed that there could be visitors from other 
planets and hoped I would see something before I 
die. As the light went over a small hill in front 
of me I couldn't see it anymore as it was quite 
low. I drove quickly up on a hill at the other 
side of town to see if it was heading out back. I 
thought it probably was a plane of some sort. It 
was now travelling back toward the other end of 
town. I thought it might be a plane belonging to 
people I know who live in the direction it was 
travelling. I thought I should follow it as I 
would always wonder if I missed A UFO. I hurried 
down town and went in the direction that it had 
been going. When I got out of town I again saw it 
over a field beside me and I knew that it was not 
like any aircraft I had ever seen. It had changed 
course like a helicopter but didn't make any noise. 
I sped back to town as I was nervous by this time. 
I Called in at my parents home and told them what 
I had seen. I took my mother to where I had seen 
it and it was flying over a farmhouse a couple of 
myles away. When I came out of my mothers home a 
few minutes later it was coming down over town, 
just over the trees, and the light had changed to 
two large red ones. As it came close the lights 
changed to look like an airplane. It flew right 
over us. It was very large and didn't make any 
noise. As it was directly overhead we heard a 
noise like the hum of a fan. It went down over 
town like a big glider. I decided to be sure it 
wasn't a plane of some kind heading for the city. 
I hurried out of town in the direction it was 
travelling. I then sighted it heading toward town 
again and I knew what it was. Nothing we have on 
earth travels like the craft I sighted. I got 
scared and went home. This was on a Tues.  On Sat. 
night my daughter and her fiance were walking home 
late at night when he saw something about half the 
size of a car hovering 5 or 6 ft. off the ground. 
He said it was black and quickly glided away behind 
a house a few seconds after he saw it. The same 
week another family saw and heard it near where I 
observed it the first night. Some very strange 
things happened that week at their home. The next 
Monday night it was observed in the same area and 
was seen hovering in the sky, getting higher and 
higher, and suddenly going straight up.This is a 
true account of this sighting. 

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