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Subject: UFO Sighting Reports

Below is the result of your feedback form.  
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on Monday, March 23, 1998 at 07:25:17

location: tarrytown, ny
date: 10-12 yrs ago
time: dusk
sighting: it was so odd... so many people 
watching, cars were stopped, looking...and 
it was giant! i ran into an establishment, 
saying "come out and look at this!" no one 
responded... i told my girlfriend about it 
and she passed it off... it was triangular, 
but not like you see on the tv... think of 
the tips of the triangle snipped off, almost 
like those domes, but flat... here's the 
kicker... as it left, (east-west) over the 
Hudson river... the color of the "lights" 
changed, just like we heard in school... red,
orange, blue... like a rainbow... 
the spectrum... up to the point were you 
couldn't see it, not that it wasn't there, 
but to the point where WE can't see it, you 
know?(ultarviolet?) we only see so much of 
the spectrum, and this "craft" was through 
that, onto other things (light) i can only 
imagine. this laid quitely with me and my 
friend (died of cancer) until it came up on 
the TV...the robert stack show, i don't 
remember the name...mysteries, that one... 
and she calls to me "TOM! it's on the tv! i 
believe you!"... it happened in tarrytown, ny, 
on the date that i recalled at that time...
(i'm not getting any younger) as i said it 
did... i KNOW other people saw it... someone 
please come forward, if only for me..., or 

{UFO Sightings in New Mexico and the World}