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Subject: UFO Sighting Reports
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on Monday, December 1, 1997 at 12:42:46
name: Keven Uchida
location: Columbus, Ohio USA
date: Nov. 30, 1997
time: 11:05pm

sighting: I was driving home after a late night dinner buffet when I saw a bright light out in front of my car near the side of the road perhaps 200-300 meters away. It was a bright white color light, a bit like a bright spotlight. I drove right by it but couldn't really see much because the light was beamed right in my direction following my car. I saw some shadowy structure by it that I thought was probably a pickup truck. At this point I simply thought it was a bunch of "yahoos" being obnoxious.

The oddest thing happened next. The "spotlight" continued to shine on my car and blind me by my rear view mirror. As I reached a stop sign I saw the light suddenly lift up into the air and out of the range of my mirror. A couple of seconds later it reappeared right above my car shining directly down on my hood. I had the feeling that there was a large object hovering above my car for a few seconds but there was no sound. I was shaken up badly by this and floored the accelerator. After I sped away I looked back but saw nothing more of the object.

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