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Police sergeant Lonnie Zamora reported he saw an object descend near a deserted dynamite shack. He saw two small beings with coveralls beside a oval shaped craft. These creatures seemed startled when they saw Zamora's police car coming down the dirt road towards them. Officer Zamora lost sight of the craft while going down behind a hill. When he saw the object again he no longer could see the two small men. The UfO was sitting on four stilts. Officer Zamora walked within 50 feet of the UFO. All of a sudden blue flames and a loud roar came out from underneath the UFO. Zamora thought it would explode and ran about 100 feet and fell to the ground. He watched it rise and hover about 50 feet off the ground. Then it started to whine and then went silent. He said the craft then moved off with a strange up and down motion. Later it was discovered where the UFO was there were four depressions, several burned marks and burnt vegatation.