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From: "maxcam"
To: (old address)
Subject: UFO BOOKS
Date: Tue, 28 Apr 1998 20:54:42 -0400

I notice you have listed some UFO books. You may wish to look at

THE UFO FILES: The Canadian Connection Exposed.
It explores the history of UFOs in Canada.
I am the author, Palmiro Campagna

Hardcover, 224 pages
Published by Stoddart Publishing Toronto (Tel 416 445-3333), Ontario and
(Buffalo NY)

Publication date: October 1997
Dimensions (in inches): 8.79 x 5.78 x .93
ISBN: 077373015X


Here is a review from the MUFON Eastern Regional Director George Filer:

UFO Reports
uninvestigated reports from the Eastern Regional Director
Posted August 31, 1997

Filer's Files #33
21 August 1997



The new book by Palmiro Campagna, an engineer who works for the Department
of National Defense in Canada and acts as the Canadian representative to
NATO in the area of electromagnetics is excellent. Palmiro digs in the
government's archives to unravel the true story of Canada's fascinating
connection to the UFO phenomenon. He relates some startling episodes in
Canadian UFO history. One of the most interesting was the saga of Wilbert
Smith, a Canadian Ministry of Transport engineer, who visited Washington D.
C. and attempted to discover the cause of the UFO reports. On November 21,
1950, Smith wrote a secret memo which has since created a sensation in the
field of Ufology. Writing to his controller of telecommunications at the
Department of Transport. Smith stated, I made discreet inquires through the
Canadian Embassy staff in Washington, who were able to obtain for me the
following information:

a. The matter (of UFOs) is the most highly classified subject in the United
States Government, rating higher even than the H-bomb.
b. Flying saucers exist.
c. Their modus operandi is unknown but a concentrated effort to discover
the modus operandi is being made by a small group headed by Doctor Vannevar
d. The entire matter is considered by the United States authorities to be
of tremendous significance.
I was further informed that the United States' authorities are
investigating along quite a number of lines which might possibly be related
to the saucers such as mental phenomena and I gather they are not doing too
well since they indicated that if Canada is doing anything at all in
geomagnetics they would welcome a discussion with suitably accredited

Campagna states, Not only does Smith's information appear to prove the
existence of a cover-up, it also suggest the U.S. was actively
investigating UFO phenomena along a number of different lines. Moreover,
the involvement of Dr. Vannevar Bush speaks to the high priority given the

The book tells the complete story of the Avrocar, Y-2 and Silverbug
projects a joint U.S./Britain/Canadian project to build disc aircraft. He
also provides the most detailed story and analysis of the Stefan Michalak
case. He claims to have been seriously burned by a UFO's propulsion system
when it took off. The heat passing through the UFO grillwork left
distinctive marks on his chest. It includes documents declassified as
recently as 1996. The book is well worth reading and helps unravel the true
story of UFOs in Canada and fills in many formally unknown areas. The
author implies some disc aircraft belong to various governments.
Note: Disc craft have been observed on the ground and in hangars at many
air bases.

UFO Sightings in New Mexico and the World