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Subject: UFO Sighting Reports

Below is the result of your feedback form.  
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on Wednesday, January 21, 1998 at 01:16:11

location: Between Springfield and Branson, MO

date: 01/20/98

time: 1:00 a.m.

sighting: I have never believed in UFO's.  
I spent my career as a naval aviator and 
police officer in Texas.  Today, at 
approximately 1:00 a.m. while I was 
traveling north from Branson to Springfield, 
Missouri on Hwy-65 I saw some really bright 
lights coming up behind me at a high rate of 
speed. I slowed down since the road is winding 
and hills.  The lights came up behind me then 
made a sudden slow just following me. I thought 
It was some kids or drunks playing around until 
the lights disappeared altogether?.  In about 
as quick as they appeared a light shown over 
the top of me really bright. I did not hear 
any humming nor did the electrical parts of my 
vehicle go out.  I was able to observe this 
object slowly hover over the top of my vehicle 
in a northern direction.  It appeared to be 
transparent in nature in a V-Shape it was 
approximately 30 meters from apex to base it 
resembled a flying V that the military had but 
it was not it was moving to slow (40-50 mph) 
it was not going any faster then my vehicle 
( It was at this time my heart began to race) 
I was driving and staring at the object.  It 
hovered over the top and in front of my 
vehicle for approximately 2-3 minutes I would 
guess then the lights disappeared and it was 
gone just as quickly as it came.  I stopped
my vehicle and got out looking around the 
mountain side and sky..there was no trace of 
this object and the night was cold and clear.  
I got the binoculars from under my passenger 
seat and tried a 360 degree object.  
I know this object was not a military flying 
craft since I flew in the Navy as a rotocraft 
pilot.  I am 48 years old and have never had 
this experience before.  I was not that scared 
since I figured if they had wanted to do me 
harm, whomever they were they could have since 
I was all alone on the highway.  One thing for 
sure I am a confirmed believer in UFO's whatever 
they might be. I served in Vietnam and retired 
as a police lieutenant from a major police 
department. I have always tried to look at 
things with logic and reason. This time I am a 
loss for logic or reason.  I don't expect 
anyone to believe this with all the science 
fiction on television these days I suppose you 
will have to have it happen to you before you 
believe it, I don't know..I only know what 
happened this morning to me. 
P.S. I wished I had a car pool going at that time.

{UFO Sightings in New Mexico and the World}