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Exclusive UFO Movies

Real Video Stream 

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ufo-6599-1.ram (362KB)  Short clip, lost it behind a tree.  6/5/99 Artesia, NM 10 sec 
ufo-6599-2.ram (909KB) Longer clip, UFO passing in front of stars. 6/5/99  Artesia, NM  90 sec 
ufo-6599-3.ram (473KB)  UFO passing in front of the 'Northern Crown' 6/5/99 Artesia, NM 50 sec 
ufo-6699.ram (616KB) Dim UFO 6/6/99 Artesia, NM 20 sec 
ufo-6799-1.ram (1.10MB) View of UFO 'Fading Out' 6/7/99  Avalon Resevoir, NM 50 sec 
ufo-6799-2.ram (474KB) Bright UFO that fades. 6/7/99 Avalon Resevoir, NM 15 sec
ufo-6999.ram N/A UFO passing behind a tree  6/9/99  Artesia, NM  58 sec 
Jet.ram  N/A This is a short clip of a Jet Plane. Notice how it has a strobe and does not glow like the other clips.    This clip is just to compare to the others. 10 sec 
ufo-61099.ram Dim UFO passing in front of stars.  6/10/99  Artesia, NM  75 sec 


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