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Subject: Submitted UFO Sighting Report
LOCATION : Wainfleet, Ontario, Canada
DATE-Sighting : June, 1990
TIME-Sighting : 10:15 PM
This is your Submitted Sighting Report :  
Me and my family was outside that night just playing 
baseball, or some sport like that, in the dark when 
we looked up to the corn field that was beside the 
house. In the sky was at least 10 sphere shaped 
objects that were a white color.  The wierdest thing 
though was that you could partially see right through 
them.  They hovered above the ground for at least a 
half an hour and they were at tree top level.  Then 
we saw a beam of light come out of them and ot was 
almost pulsing.  Me, being young at the time didn't 
know what to think, they were only a block away from 
us. After the 30 minutes was up they just shot into 
the sky as 5 helicopters got to the scene.  Now I am 
16 and can still remember the look of the spheres, 
it's a thing that I will never forget!

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