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Subject: Submitted UFO Sighting Report
LOCATION : Washington DC
DATE-Sighting : April 5, 1998
TIME-Sighting : 10:30pm
This is your Submitted Sighting Report : 
I was driving south on interstate 270. I am not 
really sure whether I was in Maryland, DC or Virginia. 
Route 270 passes through all of them. I just moved 
mto the area.  I know I was near the Boyd exit on the 
highway. Anyway, While I was driving something caught 
my attention. It was a very bright light. Brighter 
than any light in the sky. It was very concentrated 
in the center, sort of like the sun, but it was white. 
It was traveling from East to west at an angle of 
about 70 degrees (a wild guess) heading for the ground. 
I thought it was going to hit the ground I waited for 
an explosion or something but nothing happened. It was 
hard to judge its distance. Perhaps it was over the 
horizon. If that's the case this thing would have been 
     If any one saw this PLEASE e-mail me.


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