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Date: Tue, 8 Jun 1999 21:23:08 GMT
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Name: Quentis

Location: Weldon, North Carolina

Date: 6/6/99

Sighting: My father is at his vacation home in Weldon, North Carolina. He
contacted me yesterday about a sighting of a huge circular ship like object
that appeared in the sky. He said the ship actually landed in the field at
some point as all the neighbors were frantically moving about trying to
find out what this object was. It was clear to the other residents as well
as my father that this was a space ship. I called back to N.C. to get more
information on the sighting as was told by everyone I spoke to that there
was a definate sighting of a ship that landed in the field and was observed
for several minutes until it finally raised up and took off. Everyone
seems quite disturbed by the ship since they say it appeared and lit up the
entire sky since it was night. My one cousin said she was awaken by the
light and looked out the window to see what was happening. She immediately
referred to the ship as being very large, about the size of the ship in
Independence Day movie. My father says the ship was the size of "at least
a football field". Apparantly at this moment, the police has roped off the
section of the field where the ship landed. My father says the ship left
some sort of green residue.



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