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Friday, 27-Nov-98 11:48:46 writes:

In the '60's we were returning from a family vacation and
were going East on the Will Rogers Turnpike at sun down
when I noticed a bright "star" low on the horizon on
the drivers side of the car and mentioned it to my husband.
He said he had been watching it for a while. As I watched
and night fell it became a pulsing cold red light(apposed to the
orange/red of beacons) it would zoom to the other side of
the road, hover, go up and down at breathtaking speed. I
watched it until we finally passed it hovering over Miami,
OK. When we got home in Carthage, MO we told my folks.
My dad's comment was," You must be very tired!" Our son
and daughter were asleep in the back seat and were mad because
we didn't wake them. At one point, when it was hovering close to
the road I wanted to get off and go investigate, but my husband
would not even consider it.
Now he deneighs ever seeing anything!

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