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Saturday, 26-Dec-98 23:08:07

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Saturday, December 26, 1998
This morning around 6:00 a.m., I was driving west on I-20 in Louisiana.
I was almost to Bossier City, Louisiana, when my daughter and I both
saw a strange object in the sky. It was round, with half-circle "wings,"
hovering about 75 feet above the interstate. It had green neon lights
illuminating the semi-circle wings, and green neon lights would
occasionally flash on the circular body. It looked plastic, like a huge
child's toy in the sky. I would estimate that the diameter of the
circle was about 50 feet. We went under an overpass, and it continued
to hover about 50 feet above the overpass. It was completely dark
outside, and we don't remember seeing any other traffic on the highway.
Did anyone else see this? Could this be related to Barksdale Air Force
Base in that area?

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Thursday, 17-Dec-98 21:21:09

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On Dec. 17,98 I was traveling south bound on I-65 in Nashville,Tn. about
4:15 p.m. I noticed a bright object that I first thought was a star, but
it was just too bright and it was too stationary too be a plane and
seemed quite far of in the distance at about 90 degrees from the horizon,
this oblong VERY bright object did NOT move as I traveled for over 4
miles torwards it. It became larger in appearance the more I traveled
torwards it on the interstate, it had a goldish-white color about it
and was quite oblong vertically, I lost sight of it after cluods moved in.


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