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Subject: UFO Sighting Reports

Below is the result of your feedback form.  
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on Sunday, December 21, 1997 at 13:27:07

location: Alamogordo NM

date: Continuing 

time: 12:00am - 4:00am

sighting: I have lived in Alamogordo for 23yrs. 
For the past 5 I have become very interested in 
what the military does around here. 5yrs ago I 
was coming back from Alb. with some friends. We 
were between The Oscuro Artillery Range and 
Carizozo when we noticed some strange lights on 
top of the San Andres mountains. Which is nothing 
unusual around here late at night. We all were 
seeing 2 large white lights circling around each 
other, emitting a purple flash into the sky and 
shooting some kind of beam into the Basin This 
seemed interesting so we stopped to get a better 
look. None of us were in total amazement however 
just curious, we all knew that the military is 
always blowing the crap out of those mountains. 
When we pulled over and got out there was a large 
amount of gun fire and explosions coming from the 
basin. From were we were you can not see down into 
it so we walked out into the Missile Range a little 
ways. When we got there we saw approx. 50 artillery 
guns and missile launchers of some sort shooting at 
the lights on top of the mountain. The thing that 
really caught our attention was the lights were 
shooting back. They would circle around each other, 
back behind the mountain then pop back up and shoot 
down at the guns and launchers with some sort of 
"laser beam" as near as I can explain. Approx. 
10min. after watching this another ball of light 
came from the east and joined the others. It 
approached with the speed of a falling star, in fact 
it looked almost identical only it stopped. 5 
minutes after that another came from the south and 
did the same. 10 minutes later 2 helicopters with 
no lights on buzzed us and we hurried out of there. 
As interesting as all this was we did not want to 
get caught trespassing and watching something we 
weren't supposed to see.   
   Since then I have been going into the desert 
late at night and early in the morning. I go with a 
friend and sit as close as possible to the WSMR 
fence and watch I have taken pictures and seen many 
things that as far as I know can not be accomplished 
with the technology that our military claims to 
have. I have talked to allot of people who live 
around or work on the range. I have heard things 
that are very hard to believe but when you hear 
the same things over and over from people who have 
never met you start to wonder. If you don't believe 
go and sit in the desert around the WSMR some night 
until sunrise and I promise you will see some 
amazing things.      
   I am writing this because I believe the government 
should come out and tell the public what is going on. 
I know they have to have some security, but the things 
I have heard and seen have nothing to do with there 
security, but the publics and they need to tell us 
whats really going on. Maybe we wont freak out as they 
suspect but maybe we will. I think we have the right 
to make that choice for ourselves.   

{UFO Sightings in New Mexico and the World}