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UFO Sightings in New Mexico and The World

Subject: UFO Sighting Reports

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on Saturday, December 6, 1997 at 08:41:50

location: Yokohama, Japan

date: Dec 6th 1997

time: 3:40pm

     This sighting was made today from the 16th floor of the 
Landmark Tower building in Yokohama. While looking out over towards 
the center of Yokohama I spotted a large, oval shape moving just above
the horizon line from left to right. The shape had no well defined 
boundary but appeared fuzzy at the edge, becoming darker in the centre, 
though not completely black. The horizon was a little hazy and the object 
appeared to be in the haze and further away than the cranes and towers 
which were the most distant objects I could see. This would place the 
object at many miles distant and probably over the sea. It would also 
mean the object was very large and moving at very high speed. It moved 
parallel with the horizon, one time rising slightly than dipping again, 
finally it dropped below the buildings on the horizon line.
     The object re-appeared quite a distance to the right. It moved right before 
seeming to fade out, it then reappeared moving left, this erratic movement 
coupled with the fading in and out occured several times. The total sighting 
was for about 40-50 seconds. Interestingly enough, during the initial sighting 
there was a small earthquake. Other people were with me at the time but were 
unable to find the object due to it's speed and lack of defining shape 
(and the earthquake was a little distracting, though I didn't feel it!). 

     Also, my eyesight is extremely good.  Another observation was that during 
the initial stage there appeared to be a tail trailing the main body. At 
one time the trail darkened and appeared to drop verticaly from just 
behind the object.  I remember thinking that this seemed very odd.


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