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Subject: Submitted UFO Sighting Report
LOCATION : Yarnell Arizona
DATE-Sighting : 1994-1997
TIME-Sighting : Pm-Am
This is your Submitted Sighting Report : Iwould go out and 
watch the skies at night. I would see stars that would move 
accross the sky. Some nights I would see an etheric ship 
come out of one door into another accross the back of the 
town. I saw a light sitting still and it would make sure 
that I was watching the light. Then it would have six beams 
of light that would come out of it and then move into the 
beams of light. And disappear into the night.I saw some 
ships skim accross the sky like a flat stone on water. 
Some times they wouldnt fly they would just set in the sky 
and put out a very quick light and I would look through my 
binocculars and find them moving between star clusters.I 
saw one ship move very slowly accross peoples vally and 
head towards Crown King. It had low lighting of multipule 
colors. One thing is for sure They wanted me to know that 
they were there. Once I was sitting out and was looking to 
the north and saw a dome of fire rise off the side of a 
mountain. You could see some activity just before that and 
then the dome of fire.I saw alot of activity up in Yarnell 
while I was there.
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