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Date: Sun, 9 Jan 2000 21:05:51 +0000
From: unknown@unknown (unknown)
Name: Susan Pesek
Location: Birmingham,Alabama
Date_of_Sighting: Summer, 1968
Time_of_Sighting: Evening
As if it were yesterday ,I very distinctly remember what 
happened in the yard of a horse farm of a sorority friend ,
while attending a large sleep-over initiation into my high 
school sorority.
Several girls were at the poolhouse, where we were all to 
sleep, and several of us were outside , in the huge front 
yard , with her horses.
The sky was well lit...not a full moon, but close to one 
in lighting power!
I was aside a large tree , approximately 50 feet tall, 
and saw very bright lights directly above the tree,on the 
bottom of what appeared to be a round saucer-type , 
aluminum-looking object.I heard no noise whatsoever, but 
very clearly , we all saw the object, wider than the 
treetop, and very near it.I remember at the time reporting 
it to the police as 100 feet wide.The lights were 
reminiscent of traffic lights , to me , so I am imagining 
they were green, red, yellow, and, I think, blue....vibrant 
This was not a hazy view by any stretch of the imagination. 
We distictly saw the entire bottomside of the craft for 
many minutes...I don't recall whether or not the lights 
moved , yet I remember they had some sort of "life "to 
them, so perhaps they twinkled a tad. I am not sure of 
that .
There was no window observed, or any movement within or 
without ,relative to us. In a split second , it was gone.
It whizzed away so fast , that although we could track it 
with our eyes, it was completely up and disappeared 
within 1 second after the initial movement upwards.
All of us ran to the "big house" , contacted the parents, 
called the police (who later took a report that now they 
have no record of), who told us to call the weather 
bureau, who told us it was a weather balloon, who told us 
to call the U.S. Navy, who told us it was a satellite, 
who had us call the F.B.I. , who never even responded 
back. It was an extremely frustrating experience, and to 
this day , we still are in wonder of it.
I am absolutely sure of what we saw, yet I remain 
sceptical of all other reports.Why?Is it the human way ?
I wish I knew what to do with this knowledge.For years, 
I had nightmares about being"captured"; now I am not at 
all open to reporting this experience to anyone other 
than a few family members.
Who, in their right mind, could believe such?And yet it 
happened. Anyone with a similar story may email me, 
however , I am not in the market to converse with 


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