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Subject: UFO Sighting Reports
Below is the result of your feedback form.  
It was submitted by  () 
on Monday, April 20, 1998 at 07:45:10
location: NEW YORK CITY
date: 9/96
time: 10:00
sighting: I was walking East on 40th st. 
from 7th to 8th Ave in midtown Manhattan 
at approx 10:00 pm one Saterday/Friday 
night when I saw a flashing lights strobe 
a circlr in the air.
As I contenued to walk I saw something 
large and dark dull gray moving between 
the buildings of what would had to have 
been Broadway and  40th street.
Because of the srteet lights I could not 
make out what it was I was s seeing so I 
began to walk very slowly squinting 
against their brightness.
As I do any time I have a sighting I look 
for some one to witness what it is I am 
seeing. Ahead of me I saw a small crowd 
of people but they were to far off to call.
They had just come out of a office 
building almost at the corner.
The night doorman was talking to them but 
as they saw me approching they walked away 
and the doorman went back in side the 
BY now I was trying to convince myself 
that what I was seeing was not what I 
thought it was. It was too big not to be 
drawing attention I kept telling myself 
as I contenued to walk toward it.
It must be a helicpoter ,they must be 
making a movie , its a toy blimp or some 
baloons on a scaffolding ,all these 
thoughts were running through my head as 
I walked.
Then as I got half way up the block the 
thing rose from between the buildings 
and silently started to glid towrd me 
by that time I had reach Yeshiva 
University the thing was now right over 
It was huge and very dark grey it and a 
faint red pulsing in its center but 
there was no source that I could see where 
this red pulsing light was coming from.
It huge body seemed to be made up of four 
disk fitted very close together their 
edges touching which made it kind of look 
like a shamrock with a reddish center.
I stood there dumdfounded trying to make 
it out. I am diabetic and it dose effect 
my eyes so I was thinking maybe it is 
four big ballons stuck togetther. Then 
finally I thought what ever it is I need 
some one else to see it.
I need a witneess to this I thought and 
remebered the watchman I ran to the 
building door its number was 202 west 40th 
and banged on the glass. The fellow came 
to the door and asked who I wanted to see.
I just said "Please could you just step 
out and tell me what this is?" He did as I 
asked and I pointed to the object. I did 
not give him a chance to speak I just 
started in.
"Do you see that ?"
"Yes " he said.
"Is that a helicopter?"
"A plane?'
"A ballon?'
"Is it something on the roof the water 
 tower maybe?"
"Have you any idea what it is ?"
Then as we were watching this thing 
hanging over our heads suddenlly 
starlike sparkles came out of the east.
I thought some one  had tossed 
reflective paper off the roof of the 
office building across the street, but 
the little sparkles did not fall they 
spread out in front of this thing like 
the tips of a Japanese fan.
I screamed in awe and shock..
"Do you see that?"
The fellow camly said...
"Please do not shout like that yes I 
see them."
I apologised and asked him what dose 
he see.
He said...
"I see the this big thing here and 
there are about fourteen to fifteen 
light lights infront of it."
At that moment I noticed that here 
was another of these lights that was 
hovering as if it was watching us.
I pointed it out to him too.
At that moment the objects began to 
move but as if it was 
one piece to the north west.
I said I had to go to see where this 
thing was going and asked him if he 
would write on a piece of paper what 
he saw and just initial it.
He said ...
"Why?" I asked and explained to him 
that I have been on porgrams on 
network tv ,I lecture on these things 
all the time and I just needed 
something as proof that this did 
He looked at the object then back to 
me and said.. "People will think I 
am crazy besize the bible says in the 
last days of time we would see 
strange lights in the sky.
I see what you see but I will never 
tell anyone I saw this."
I tried to give him my telephone 
number to call me if he ever changed 
his mind and wanted to talk about it 
but he would not take it.
The thing was now out of sight behind 
the bulding and I said 
"I have to go thank you any way."
I raced up to 41th st. thinking I could 
get another glimpse of the object but 
it was gone.
I honestly thought that I was going to 
hear the cry of people and the screetch 
of car tires as it passed over one of 
the biggiest tourist areas of New York 
but they never 
Truely I thought this was it the"Big 
Landing" every one was saying would 
happen one day and was too frightened to 
go home for I did not want to be alone 
if it was.
I called home and left a message on my 
machine incase this was it so if I got 
takened someone would know what happened.
I then called a friend and asked her if 
there was anything about it on the news 
she said she saw and heard nothing about it.
I was to hear or see nothing about this 
object till almost a year later when while 
watching a show on tv they showed the lights 
over Arizona.
There is one veiw where you see the lights 
in a arced formation with one light in the 
back that is they way the object I saw 
about a year before looked.
I hope that doorman saw it too if we ever 
meet again maybe he will be willing to 
talk about it then.
If there was any other witness to this 
thing over New York at 10:00 PM. Either 
8/1996 or 9/1996 I ask that you please 
get in contact with me.
                     Thank yo

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