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UFO Sightings - New Mexico - The World!

Welcome to Artesia New Mexico, USA

Have you ever observed something strange in the sky?

The earth may or may not have alien visitors. I have never had a close encounter my self.

I have seen unexplained objects in the sky. I do believe in UFO's. Most people would after observing what I had. What they are I will leave that up to you. This site is for you, the curious and open minded.

At this time we have over 1,400 sighting reports, submitted by people like you and the number is constantly growing!

We no longer have the submissions page.
Between 1996 and 2003 people from all over this earth sent in many reports of UFO's. This website(UFOSNMW) contains an archive of those reports.

It is easier than ever to follow the sighting reports. Just click on the 'NEXT SIGHTING' link on the bottom of all the reports. It will bring you to the next report.

Click here for the first sighting if you want to read them all, one at a time. Believe me this will be a adventure that will consume several days! And to all that have sent in reports I thank each and everyone...

Below is a sample of over 1,400 UFO reports sent to UFOSNMW

Do you want to see a REAL UFO. This is a UFO I filmed in night vision Oct. 14, 2009

Read about it here and here

UFO Sightings In New Mexico And The World 1996 through 2003
Updated 2009
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