Subject: UFO Sighting Reports
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on Monday, May 12, 1997 at 23:24:48
name: Cameron the Explorer
location: Wallace, CA; on a hill
date: 5-28-96
time: ?night

sighting: I went bike riding. It was still hot at 7-8 o'clock when I left for my favorite hill. So I went. When I got there I was so hot I had to sit under my lucky tree (an old oak) for at least an hour. It wasn't a long distance and I should not have been so drained when taking into account my athletic background of Track and CC. Also, I should note, I was feeling heavy-headed; not queasy, but with an immense feeling of confusion. When I was %100 good except for the head thing , I got up and I noticed that it was still hot out and the sky was almost bright although I myself had seen the sun set half an hour ago. I stood for about 10 minutes thinking "what the hell". Suddenly the the sky faded to darkish black, like turning a light off; it was a very rapid catalistic change from pinkish to blackish blue. At the same time, it went from hot to cold, instantly. I have no conclusion to this event. It is unexplained to me and now I offer it unexplainably to you. Insight: In five years of living in Wallace, summer or winter, I have never before or since seen or felt a night so erie, so ghastly, so overwhelming. Nor have I ever felt so powerless. My neighbors also saw it; they, who had seen it before in years past had no idea what it was but figured it for wierd weather. It wasn't weather, I'm sure; weather dosen't make you want to cry.

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