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Subject: UFO Sighting Reports

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on Saturday, February 14, 1998 at 01:55:48

location: California (Santa Clarita)

date: 7/15/90

time: 10:00PM

sighting: I was in the back yard cleaning 
the swimming pool for the next day. It was 
warm (80F) clear. I was holding a long brush 
and as I reached the upper part of the pole 
I glanced upwards. Above me about 70-100ft. 
was a large disc moving very slowing with 
no sound. I ran to the family room door 
(rear of house) and shouted for my wife and 
kids to come out. Only my wife did. As she 
came out the disc was now directly over us 
and seemed to face downwards as if recognizing 
our presence. We could see portholes and a 
window on the frontal side with greenish and 
yellowish light eminating from the interior 
longer window. It had beautiful design features 
under the dome/disc portion. I have a technical 
certificate in Group Propulsion Systems and this 
was not a human designed craft. No noise and slow 
speed (25-35MPH while above us). It was 
approximately 100 feet in diameter, shiny and 
reflective metallic finish with a smaller dome on 
top but no windows on that dome. As it disappeared 
from view (blocked by homes and low altitude) I 
climbed a block wall (4ft) and saw it between 
homes as it kept moving forward at now a faster 
speed until it disappered from view.

After, I told my wife not to discuss it, but to 
draw what she saw and then we would compare notes. 
We saw the same thing. To those who think we are 
alone, you are dead wrong!!


{UFO Sightings in New Mexico and the World}