Subject: UFO Sighting Reports
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on Friday, April 18, 1997 at 14:54:38
name: Jose Chavez
location: Forest Grove, Oregon
date: June 13, 1996
time: 3 a.m.

sighting: It was around 3a.m. me and my friend Tony Martinez were coming from a party and we decided to call from a near by telephone booth because it was late and we needed a ride home. While I was calling he stared knocking on the window saying he saw something go by in the sky. I hung up and I went to look and I didn't see anything at first and then I saw a big, bright light going over our heads and in a second it suddenly flashed away. We put our heads down and looked at each other frighted suddenly one of our friends came and he decided to take us home. The ride didn't take more than 5 min. but for us it seemed more than that. To this day we haven't said a word to anybody because I don't think people would believe us but we will always know the truth about it but since this is happening all over the world I decided to tell you my story.
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