Subject: UFO Sighting Reports
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on Tuesday, April 22, 1997 at 15:53:36
name: Michael Chrostowski
location: Toronto
date: April 19 1997
time: 11.09pm

sighting: Im sorry I didnt leave my e-mail but I dont want people mailing me garbage saying they saw the same thing even though they didnt. Anyway I was at home bored. As usual I stayed home on this saturday night. I live in a small apartment,with my parents(they went to some party on the night it happened).I was doing my usual thing I do on saturday nights until I felt my apartment started shaking. I wondered if it was an earthquake but those dont usually happen here. When I looked out my balcony I saw it. Oh Lord I saw it. You might think that Im crazy but I swear I saw an alien inside this humungis space craft. I felt like I was paralized when I saw it. I usually see these aliens on programs like Unsolved Mysteries with the oriental eyes but this one was different. It was just so hidiouse,I never seen anything so scary looking in my 13 years of life. After a while the craft just flew away. I asked every single person in my building including the superintendent if they saw it. But I just get the same thing:'no, what the hell are you talking about?' Please tell me someone else saw what I did that night. I havent gotten a good night sleep since.
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