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Subject: UFO Sighting Reports
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on Friday, April 10, 1998 at 15:38:00

location: South Lyon, Mi, USA
date: June 15, 1994
time: 11:30pm
sighting: One night, my sisters and I were with 
our neighbors laying outside on a hill on the 
backside of the trailor park. We were laughing 
and talking and looking towards the sky. Then 
one star, or so we thought was a star, became 
very bright and orange in color. We didn't think 
nothing of it until it got closer. We knew it 
wasn't a plane of any kind because it was quiet. 
As it moved over us and the trailor we got a 
bottom view of the ship.  It was nothing like 
we've seen before. It was only about 200 feet 
above us. We knew it wasn't from here because it 
made no wind of any kind and moved quickly over 
the park. We were scared shitless and went 
screaming inside the house. My mom still doesn't 
believe all 6 of us. Now I'm 16 and when ever my 
sister flashes a flashlight up in the sky, I yell 
at her and run in the house....

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