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Date: Sun, 7 Mar 1999 23:32:01 GMT
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Name: Donna

Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma

Date: Spring/Summer 1982

Time: 5:30pm

Sighting: Up to the above mentioned date, I had never actually decided whether
I could be classified as a "believer" or not. Of course, as a child, I believe
that we all are enthralled by the unknown. I was 28 years old at the time,
working in Tulsa, living in Broken Arrow. Was returning home from work when I
noticed a very bright light or reflection to the left of my field of vision.
This was a bright sunny afternoon at approximately 5:30. As I was driving and
alone in the car, I kept watching this bright light out my driver's window as
I drove towards Broken Arrow. It seemed to be moving in a straight line towards
the south, at more or less the speed of an airplane, but no sound and no
distinct shape, other than a extremely bright light, like that a welding torch,
with a brillient blue after glow. It slowly out-distanced my vehicle, then
seemed to stop. The light intensified for several seconds into a hot white ball
and then it abruptly without seeming to make any turn disappeared to the west
completely out of sight in less than a second. I could not believe what I had
seen and was in shock for the remainder of the drive home.
I knew that it was not possible that I was the only person who had witnessed
this, as it was during rush hour on a clear spring/summer day. When I arrived
home, I decided to call a TV channel, but was unsuccessful for a period of time
as the line was busy. Upon reachng the switchboard operator finally, she said
they had been inundated with reports of people calling in to report simular
sighting. That evening on the weather report, "Dusty" commented on the volumne
of calls received and the next day there was a mention in the newspaper of a
"meteor sighting". I am no rocket scientist, but there is no way that a meteor
could have performed the movements that whatever that was made. I have never
forgotten it and up until now


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